Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yahiro Shin

Yahiro Shin
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He is a contemporary artist living in Fukuoka, has been making wood sculpture mainly. This is his new pottery style work (my collection).
Visit his website: in Japanese, but you can see his works' images.

Raftee, Okinawan food

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Pork. Mild and soft. (This is a test blog entry from my flickr page.)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

[Process] @ Gallery Artlier

PROCESS @ Gallery Artlier

MCP has been directing the Gallery Artlier belongs to the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion (ffac) since June 2004.

From April 7 to May 20, we will have the [PROCESS] show.

Documentation of painting process by 6 painters and a photographer.

April 7 (Sat.) - May 20 (Sun.), 2007.
10:00-20:00. everyday open
Admission free

Gallery Artlier [Hakata Riveratin B2 fl.]
Shimokawabata-machi 3-1,
Hakata-ku Fukuoka 812-0027 JAPAN

Hino Youtarou, Hirohashi Isao, Inoue Ayako,
Okamura Asami, Tanaka Chisato, Tooyama Hirotaka,
Yoshizumi Yoshiaki [photograph].

Talk and party:
April 7 (Sat.) 16:00 start.
Admission free.

Motsu nabe (hot soup)

Motsu-nabe, the Shouryuu style, Hakata
Hakata's popular haslet hot pot soup.

Break time at a cafe in front of Fukuoka City Office

ROSARIAN CAFE @ Tenjin, Fukuoka
March is the last month in financial year in Japan.
I should make some documentation at the city office.

Typical Lunch

MARUTEN SOBA (hot noodle with deeply fried fish paste round type) and TORI-MESHI (chicken rice)
We have an old area "Hakata" here in Fukuoka City.
My office exists in this area.
This is a typical lunch menu in Hakata.
Hot noodle (SOBA) with deeply fried fish paste and small chicken steamed rice, miso-soup.
780 JPY.

About [in-between]

A new younger generation's curators group [in-between] has produced contemporary art show, movie events and other art projects by new style.
Most of the members are living in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.
See this website:

About [Ohaz Kikaku]

Kikaku means Planning.
Ohaz comes from my original first name, another meaning is "the first time."
The Ohaz Kikaku will produce new type art projects.

2006 autumn: independent art show "1st Joshibee Show" at [art space tetra]
2007 spring: start to manage [art apartment house 88]
2007 autumn: planning of [Art no Genba] at Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

"1st Joshibee Show"
joshibee1 gallery
Joshibee's flickr sets:
final party:


sorry, a netshop [MYMT SHOP] is for customers only inside of Japan.
Second hand books and contemporary artworks.

ONLY in JAPANESE on this web:

About [Art Apartment House 88]

about [aa88]
English articles of the blog [aa88]

See about this space (flickr set):

About [Museum City Project]

MCP's official website:

MCP's recent work is an outside installation project in the Uminonakamichi Kaihin Kouen public park; A part of "FLOWER PICNIC 2007".
See the works here (flickr set):

ohaz's blog in English, start

Hello, my name on this website is [OHAZ].
I have been working at a kind of not-profit organization, Museum City Project, producing contemporary art project in urban district here in Fukuoka, JAPAN.

From now on, I will write about my daily life here, to tell our activities.
and my daily life especially food and shopping!