Monday, April 30, 2007

Reisen-sou 1st anniversary

An old apartment house [Reisen-sou] has revived as a kind of art complex building in Hakata, traditional district of Fukuoka city.
Yesterday, in April 29, the 1st anniversary event was held.
Reception and some play in front of the Reisen-sou.
Image072.jpg Image073.jpg

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Outdoor installation work

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At Umino-nakamichi Kaihin Kouen Park, Fukuoka, JAPAN. "Flower Picnic 2007", "HANA no installation" project.
Asai Yuusuke and Egami Keita's collaboration artwork.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lunch @ Cafe Brazileiro, Hakata

Lunch @ Cafe Brazileiro, Hakata
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I cannot have enough time for my lunch these days. This is special case with my friend. An old traditional cafe restaurant in Hakata.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


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A part of the gallery.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Start preparing "NEKOBEE" show in my new space.

OPENING will be APRIL 20, 2007!
asai@nekobee sumi@nekobee
See my blogs:
[NEKOBEE SHOW] and [art apartment house 88].

SHIBARAKU! (hakata ramen)

SHIBARAKU! (hakata ramen)
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We, Fukuoka people love RAMEN, hot noodle with pork soup.

SHIBARAKU means "long time no see" or "for a while". In this case, Ramen shop's name.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Short Trip [3] Two art spaces

Kiwamari-so @ Mito Kiwamari-so @ Mito
The Kiwamari-sou (it means extraordinary apartment house?) @ Mito.
An artist, Arima Kaoru, had been producing his "Kiwamari-sou" Project in Nagoya for several years, recently he has moved into Mito City and found a new studio, very old Japanese house.
He is living and working here with his friends and soon other artists will come to stay/work in the upstairs (2nd fl.).
Kiwamari-so, 2nd fl. Kiwamari-so @ Mito
This old house project is also a kind of time limited one, maybe for 2-3 years.
Younger art students living in Mito come this place very often and communicate this famous extraordinary artist.
It seems happy situation for this city's art scene.

I was back to Tokyo and searched "Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho" (it means "Contemporary Art Factory"), a kind of art workshop/residence space in downtown area. The car navigation system could not find the right address, 'cause such district has many small passage. Finally I found the space! oh, but it was closed... Maybe there was no event on the date...
Visit the official website:
Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho @ Tokyo Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho @ Tokyo

Short Trip [4] Back to Fukuoka, Kokura and Yahata

The Saturday night, 14th, an opening event was held in the Gallery SOAP, Kokura, Fukuoka Pref.
I was back to Fukuoka city and took train to Kokura.
It was 23 o'clock, everybody had already drunk and talk show was completely finished.
Anyway I could talk about this new movie art exhibition with curators and artists.

[PROJECTION] directed by [in-between].
See further info:

Though I am an adviser of [in-between], I am trying not to touch planning.
[in-between]'s main members are 20-30's y.o., much younger than me.

April 14, Exhibition start and opening event @ Gallery SOAP, Kokura (Ooki Hiroyuki, Nishimura Tomomi)
April 14, Exhibition start @ 130 Gallery, Yahata. (rGb)
April 14, Exhibition start @ IAF SHOP*, Yakuin, Fukuoka. (Karate Central)
April 15, Talk session @ Apple Store Fukuoka-Tenjin. (rGb and directors)
Apple Store @ Tenjin, Fukuoka
In Sunday morning, 15th, I visit the 130 Gallery, in the afternoon I went to IAF, then finally I came back my home. But 4 hours later I was in the Apple shop...
Hmmmm, a little bit tired....

Short trip [2] The Micro Pop Show @ ART TOWER MITO

See official webpage about this exhibition:

For me, it is more interesting in the concept "Micro Pop" than artworks themselves.

Short trip [1]

Since last Friday, I went lots of art places...
Once a month, I have a part-time job in Tokyo (Itabashi area).
After the job, I always visit art spaces and meet friends in Tokyo.

Apr. 13th, in the Friday night, I had an appointment to meet Mr. M, curator of ART TOWER MITO.
He joined a talk session concerning [MICRO POP] show held in his museum.

NADiff @ Omotesando, Tokyo

The venue, [NADiff], art book shop in Omotesando, is very snob and cool.
There were lots of visitors who were interested in this show and concept.
Ms. M M, a critic and director of this show started talking about [MICRO POP], suddenly I recognized she would talk and show most of artworks and concept. She seemed very excited to tell people WHAT IS MICRO-POP.
I was afraid to know all about the show before I see by my eyes.
I left the place after drinking a perrier.

In the next Saturday morning, I was driving a small car to visit Mito City.
It took approx. 2 hours by car.
Rent a car (vitz) PA, Jouban Jidousha Do
Usually we use train from Tokyo to Mito.
Hmm, recently I am fascinated to drive a car in Tokyo area.
There are traffic jam even on high way road, but by even such jam, I feel NEW stimulation, ffffm.
When we use train/subway, my time schedule depends on train schedule.
And as you know, during travel days we have heavy laggage.
Of course, it is more expensive than public transport system, but I love driving around the first land for me.
For these reasons, I love vehicles.
Add one more important factor, in the Saturday, it was very fine day, nice for driving!


I arrived Mito at 11 am and experienced the [MICRO POP] show.
I had lunch with Mr. M and talked about this show's concept and impression.
It was very happy and important time.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pizza of Sukugarasu and Goya

Pizza of Sukugarasu and Goya
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I love Okinawan food !
Be careful, do not drink KUUSU (vintage shochu) toooo much....

Sukugarasu is tiny fish, Goya is bitter gourd.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nekobee Show, April 20 - May 20 @ [aa88]

Well, anyway, the [PROCESS] show has started, many guests come to the Gallery Artlier. Very fine.
And, I am tired 'cause of no complete holiday for me these days.

Since next week (from April 20), Ohaz Kikaku will start another art project, "Nekobee Show", an independent free style public entry art show concerning cat and/or other animals.
(It is also a first official opening program of new space "Art Apartment House 88" @ Reisen-sou, directed by Ohaz Kikaku.)

A yellow cat by ChiiChii, a kurk one by Ishigaki Katsuko.

Main concept of this show is to be happy by making artworks.
This show will continue to accept artists who want to join until the last day, May 20.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Artists Talk @ [PROCESS]

Artist Talk @ [PROCESS]
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[PROCESS] show has opened.
Today we had an artists talk event at the gallery space.
You can see the movie:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Process of [PROCESS] 03

Process of [PROCESS] 03
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We're preparing the next show [PROCESS]. this is the process of [PROCESS] photo set on flickr site:

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today's lunch

Unagi [Hitsu-mabushi] @ Riverain Bld.
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Very special, gorgeous than usual. Unagi is eel. Grilled eel and egg, fish egg with spice (pink), dried laver and steamed rice. We can eat it with soup sometimes. Today's eel was very rich, tasty.
Of course, the price was also more gorgeous than usual.
Eel has vitamine!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sri Lanka Curry @ [Nuwara Eliya] Kego

Sri Lanka Curry @ [Nuwara Eliya] Kego
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I love curry!
I am hungry!
It's 13 o'clock!

I am surprised

to find most of museums/foundation website in Fukuoka have less information in Enlgish.

Of course, I had alerady known about outline (they do not have enough pages).
When I visited these sites for this blog's link, I was really shocked this fact.

As you know, they are locol government public cultural organization.
They have English page about basic information.
But concerning each exhibition data, I can find very old one (or none).
Only Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has up-to-date information in English.
'Cause the museum always accept many international artists/curators/researchers.

About private galleries and alternative spaces in Fukuoka,
it depends on personal talent.
When a space has a member who can use English, he/she does all English job.
Even so each staff's job may be non-profit.

We have professional English tlanslaters/interpreters here in Fukuoka.
They are always very busy.
Their fee is not so expensive according to a regular/standard system,
but is is very heavy for art people to pay.

That's why I start this weblog.
My English is not so good.
But I will be able to write about my daily life and art scene around me,
with using digital images (flickr sysytem).

YO-ZAKURA, night cherry blossom

YO-ZAKURA, night cherry blossom YO-ZAKURA, night cherry blossom
We have cherry blossom flowers now in Fukuoka.
We love to see them in night time.
It is our pleasure to sit below cherry blossom trees and drink/eat/talk with good friends even it might be a little bit cold.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


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Fukuoka city has approx. 1,300thousand population.
This is Kego kouen park, central of Fukuoka.
You can see MITSUKOSHI, a famous department store in the right side.

photo [style: forms of the street]

Originally uploaded by ib_flickr.

March 21 - 30, 2007. @ art space tetra, Fukuoka, Japan.
artist: BABU.
Produced by [in-between].
(photo) ib_flickr's photos