Monday, April 16, 2007

Short trip [1]

Since last Friday, I went lots of art places...
Once a month, I have a part-time job in Tokyo (Itabashi area).
After the job, I always visit art spaces and meet friends in Tokyo.

Apr. 13th, in the Friday night, I had an appointment to meet Mr. M, curator of ART TOWER MITO.
He joined a talk session concerning [MICRO POP] show held in his museum.

NADiff @ Omotesando, Tokyo

The venue, [NADiff], art book shop in Omotesando, is very snob and cool.
There were lots of visitors who were interested in this show and concept.
Ms. M M, a critic and director of this show started talking about [MICRO POP], suddenly I recognized she would talk and show most of artworks and concept. She seemed very excited to tell people WHAT IS MICRO-POP.
I was afraid to know all about the show before I see by my eyes.
I left the place after drinking a perrier.

In the next Saturday morning, I was driving a small car to visit Mito City.
It took approx. 2 hours by car.
Rent a car (vitz) PA, Jouban Jidousha Do
Usually we use train from Tokyo to Mito.
Hmm, recently I am fascinated to drive a car in Tokyo area.
There are traffic jam even on high way road, but by even such jam, I feel NEW stimulation, ffffm.
When we use train/subway, my time schedule depends on train schedule.
And as you know, during travel days we have heavy laggage.
Of course, it is more expensive than public transport system, but I love driving around the first land for me.
For these reasons, I love vehicles.
Add one more important factor, in the Saturday, it was very fine day, nice for driving!


I arrived Mito at 11 am and experienced the [MICRO POP] show.
I had lunch with Mr. M and talked about this show's concept and impression.
It was very happy and important time.

(to be continued...)

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