Monday, April 2, 2007

I am surprised

to find most of museums/foundation website in Fukuoka have less information in Enlgish.

Of course, I had alerady known about outline (they do not have enough pages).
When I visited these sites for this blog's link, I was really shocked this fact.

As you know, they are locol government public cultural organization.
They have English page about basic information.
But concerning each exhibition data, I can find very old one (or none).
Only Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has up-to-date information in English.
'Cause the museum always accept many international artists/curators/researchers.

About private galleries and alternative spaces in Fukuoka,
it depends on personal talent.
When a space has a member who can use English, he/she does all English job.
Even so each staff's job may be non-profit.

We have professional English tlanslaters/interpreters here in Fukuoka.
They are always very busy.
Their fee is not so expensive according to a regular/standard system,
but is is very heavy for art people to pay.

That's why I start this weblog.
My English is not so good.
But I will be able to write about my daily life and art scene around me,
with using digital images (flickr sysytem).

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