Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nekobee Show, April 20 - May 20 @ [aa88]

Well, anyway, the [PROCESS] show has started, many guests come to the Gallery Artlier. Very fine.
And, I am tired 'cause of no complete holiday for me these days.

Since next week (from April 20), Ohaz Kikaku will start another art project, "Nekobee Show", an independent free style public entry art show concerning cat and/or other animals.
(It is also a first official opening program of new space "Art Apartment House 88" @ Reisen-sou, directed by Ohaz Kikaku.)

A yellow cat by ChiiChii, a kurk one by Ishigaki Katsuko.

Main concept of this show is to be happy by making artworks.
This show will continue to accept artists who want to join until the last day, May 20.

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