Monday, April 16, 2007

Short Trip [3] Two art spaces

Kiwamari-so @ Mito Kiwamari-so @ Mito
The Kiwamari-sou (it means extraordinary apartment house?) @ Mito.
An artist, Arima Kaoru, had been producing his "Kiwamari-sou" Project in Nagoya for several years, recently he has moved into Mito City and found a new studio, very old Japanese house.
He is living and working here with his friends and soon other artists will come to stay/work in the upstairs (2nd fl.).
Kiwamari-so, 2nd fl. Kiwamari-so @ Mito
This old house project is also a kind of time limited one, maybe for 2-3 years.
Younger art students living in Mito come this place very often and communicate this famous extraordinary artist.
It seems happy situation for this city's art scene.

I was back to Tokyo and searched "Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho" (it means "Contemporary Art Factory"), a kind of art workshop/residence space in downtown area. The car navigation system could not find the right address, 'cause such district has many small passage. Finally I found the space! oh, but it was closed... Maybe there was no event on the date...
Visit the official website:
Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho @ Tokyo Gendai Bijutsu Seisakusho @ Tokyo

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