Monday, April 16, 2007

Short Trip [4] Back to Fukuoka, Kokura and Yahata

The Saturday night, 14th, an opening event was held in the Gallery SOAP, Kokura, Fukuoka Pref.
I was back to Fukuoka city and took train to Kokura.
It was 23 o'clock, everybody had already drunk and talk show was completely finished.
Anyway I could talk about this new movie art exhibition with curators and artists.

[PROJECTION] directed by [in-between].
See further info:

Though I am an adviser of [in-between], I am trying not to touch planning.
[in-between]'s main members are 20-30's y.o., much younger than me.

April 14, Exhibition start and opening event @ Gallery SOAP, Kokura (Ooki Hiroyuki, Nishimura Tomomi)
April 14, Exhibition start @ 130 Gallery, Yahata. (rGb)
April 14, Exhibition start @ IAF SHOP*, Yakuin, Fukuoka. (Karate Central)
April 15, Talk session @ Apple Store Fukuoka-Tenjin. (rGb and directors)
Apple Store @ Tenjin, Fukuoka
In Sunday morning, 15th, I visit the 130 Gallery, in the afternoon I went to IAF, then finally I came back my home. But 4 hours later I was in the Apple shop...
Hmmmm, a little bit tired....

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