Saturday, May 3, 2008

for Visitors: AB88 and Fukuoka Art Information

I am very sorry the Art Base 88 is now underconstructing and will open maybe June.

The most unique art space in Fukuoka is Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Hakata Riverain.
It is very easy to access to use city-subway, the building is connected with Nakasu-Kawabata Station.

There is an art gallery in same building (Hakata Riverain), named "Gallery Artlier".
"Museum City Project" has been directing this space with "Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Culture Promotion (FFAC)".
The Artlier is a kind of art information space, you will be able to get Fukuoka's local art information there.
There are some guide pamphlets ex. "Fukuoka Art Map 2007" (Jap/Eng) .

I hope you enjoy my city and art spaces here.

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