Sunday, May 11, 2008

PreOpeningEvent: Performance @ AB88

At the ART BASE 88 produced by Ohaz kikaku will have an artist performance event as "Pre Opening Event" of AB88.
(Logo design by the Couleur, Oomura Masayuki)

[JOURNEY TO IXTLAN performance by Ushijima Hitoshi]

Date: May 22 (Thu.)
The performance at AB88 will start at around 19.

He will start a part of performance at the Gallery Artlier.
(His artist talk will start at 17. According to his plan, he will start his performance during the talk show. )

*Ushijima Hitoshi (b. 1963) is a contemporary artist and now his solo exhibition has been held at the Gallery Artlier in Hakata Riverain B2.

Venue: ART BASE 88 @ Konya 2023
(Dai-1 Matsumura Bld. #306, Daimyo 1-14-28, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0041 JAPAN)


Contents: art performance with painting materials
approx. 60 minutes

Further Info: Ohaz kikaku e-mail []

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