Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Project: West Tenjin Art Centre @ AB88

The AB88 will produce a new important art project near future, "West Tenjin Art Centre" (Nishi-Tenjin Geijutsu Sentaa in Japanese) [WeTac].
* the name is draft.

[We-TAC] will be a contemporary art information center for visual art, film/video/movie art, performing art, literature, etc.
I do not need category, I have been longing a new art expression that cannot be explained by previous category.

Anyway this is the first step for ART CENTER PROJECT. The Museum City Project have been present lots of styled art-center-idea for more than 10 years.
But it is very hard to realize.
Then I will start this dream in my personal space.

In 2008, WeTac project will start as a preparing room at AB88 and have some lecture series about arts and culture.

Click the image, get large image. (sorry Japanese only)

You can Download the 88 NEWS (pdf) paper here. (Japanese)
88NEWS #01 Download (1000KB)

88news #01 June 23, 2008

Reisen-so A32 "art apartment house 88" []
and Konya 2023 #306 "ART BASE 88" []

art apartment house 88 information in summer 2008
Reisen-so A32, Kami-kawabata machi 9-35, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
812-0026 JAPAN

July 5 (Sat.) "Art Petit Bazaar 88"
Start approx 16:00 (to 22:00)
admission free
Younger artists' works and goods bazaar.
* Tanabata Summer Festival day at the Reisen-so.

July 14 (Mon.) "Oiyama Night @ aa88"
Yamakasa final OIYAMA event's eve allnight party.
* take one drink/food for yourself and others.

ART BASE 88 information in summer 2008
Konya2023 Dai1-Matsumura Bld. #306, Daimyo 1-14-28, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041 JAPAN
(Near the Jokyu Shoyu [soy sauce] head office. The ground floor is LAWSON)

ART BASE 88 will start to produce "West Tenjin Art Centre (WeTAC)" [Nishi-Tenjin Geijutsu Sentaa in Japanese].
In this summer, art lecture series will be held to think about what is necessary for art scene here in Fukuoka.

"WeTAC preparing room" Art lecture series
No. 1 "Reisen-so and Konya 2023"
June 30 (Mon.) start 19:00.
admission approx. 500 yen (contribute), 1 drink.

lecturer: Noda Tsuneo (TRAVELERS PROJECT, b.1981)
Mr. Noda has been organized "Reisen-so" and "Konya2023", both buildings was once only apartment house, now they are renovated as a kind of art-complex project.
-- Noda Tsuneo's profile (Japanese)

No.2 "remained heat of [going for the remained heat]"
July 28 (Mon.) start 19:00 (draft)
admission approx. 500 yen (contribute), 1 drink.

lecturer: Fujimoto Hideaki (artist, living in Okinawa Pref.)
Mr. Fujimoto will talk about impression of his solo exhibition in Fukuoka. It is useful for us, Fukuoka art people to think about what is necessary here.
-- Fujimoto Hideaki Solo Exhibition "going for the remained heat" at the Gallery Artlier, until July 27 (Sun.).
more info (english information)
Fujimoto Hideaki's profile (J/E)

"ART BAZAAR 88, Konya wa Konya ni konya? = Shall ww come to KONYA tonight?"
Aug. 1 (Fri.) start approx. 18:00.
* It will be a famous fireworks festival night at the Oohori Koen Park.
* The Konya2023 bld. will be held a small party on the roof top, "You may look the fireworks, if you're lucky".

"ART BAZAAR 88" is a popular event in the art apartment 88. A kind of flea market of artworks, artist goods, second hand vintage cloth and books selected by art people.
admission free (very welcome gift of drink and food!)
* If you want to join the bazaar as an exhibitor, please contact OHAZ KIKAKU until July 20.

"art apartment 88" and "ART BASE 88" have accepted art project, small exhibition, studio, residence, shop event, etc.

phone and fax (c/o MCP, until Feb. 2009) +81-92-282-0553
postal mail address (c/o MCP, until Feb. 2009)
Gallery Artlier, Hakata Riverain B2 fl. Shimo-kawabata 3-1, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0027 JAPAN
best way is e-mail to me:

latest information (Japanese) [].

* English blog is here.

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